The Month of October

October has been an interesting month, I thought it would be a good idea to share a few news and updates.

Kanye West Album

There has been no shortage of Kanye West posts following the release of his latest album, JESUS IS KING. Kanye West is in of himself, a cultural phenomenon, known to not mince his words, yet, to bring out a gospel album was a surprise to many. For the sceptics, Kanye has been preparing Christian hearts for this album release, warming up the Christian community through his marketing campaign that is Sunday services. For others, Kanye’s interviews post album release reveal a man on a journey towards salvation. Is Kanye more like Simon the Sorcerer in Acts 8, the rich young ruler or Saul, turned Apostle Paul? Whichever camp you stand with, one thing can be said, the JESUS IS KING album is great musically, and one that is worth artistic appreciation.

Album Art

Blueprint Conference Early Bird Tickets Closes Tonight

The full speaker lineup for the upcoming Blueprint Conference on 23rd November is now live. Check out the full list of speakers at and grab a last ditch early birds ticket before the price increase midnight tonight.

Last Early Bird Tickets

How Not To Hustle

Most of my goals - especially the big, yearly ones I’d start on New Year’s Day - would last until February, and then I’d completely abandon or forget them. Because the hard truth is, finish lines and end - result motivators do not change us. They usually feel too daunting or too disconnected from our current, everyday lives. And most people, don’t thrive under the pressure that we heap on ourselves to hit an exact bulls-eye, not to mention that we feel ashamed if we miss it.

We need to stop thinking, I am not that awesome or good enough right now but if I can just do one thing, then maybe I’ll feel better about myself. The idea that somehow the achievement of a goal will make us a certain type of person and that it would immediately rid us of our current unhappiness and discontentment just isn’t true. I’ve begun to understand, we were created for formation, not goal setting.

This excerpt was taken from the newly released book ‘To hell with the Hustle’ by Jefferson Bethke.

Wishing you a great start to November,


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